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taxidermied thoughts

Desperately seeking someone worth while to have an adult conversation with
Yes I have tattoos and piercings (lots) yes they hurt
27 years old, bitter as hell
2 beautiful children a boy and a girl :)
I spin and spit fire I hang from meat hooks from my back
I stain peoples' skin with ink and like to watch them squirm
I will continue to fly my jolly roger in front of my house as long as we have fascist f*cks running this country
I feel that if someone doesn't like you, you should show up where they are, as often as possible, to blow kissing and wave at them ...... let them know you care
Oh and if you don't personally know me and you don't like me cause "my friend said you did this" then contact me via some kind of messanger and I will give you a real reason to hate me, I'm always willing to lend a hand